HPV Vaccination Argumentative Analysis

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An issue many parents face today with is the common US practice to give all children dozens of vaccinations which may or may not cause side effects ranging from autism to death. Vaccination is the injection of a killed or weakened organism that produces immunity in the body against that organism.

On “vactruth.com”, a website devoted to providing the latest articles about child vacinations, writer “Michelle Goldstein” expresses multiple reasons not to vacinate your child. In her article, “10 Reasons Not To Vaccinate”, she argues that all vaccines contain multiple toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, lead, cadmium, and thimerosal. She claims that all these chemicals can cause serious neurological damage, but Goldstein fails to provide recorded cases in which children have suffered neurological damage as a direct cause of harmful vacine chemicals.As the saying goes “ anything even water can be deadly in the right doses. Of
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Again Goldstein fails to provide recorded cases of children developing autism as a result of receiving the vaccine and fails to mention the lives the vaccine has saved. Does not save hundred of thousands of lives or prevent hundreds of millions of people from contracting deadly diseases?(CDC, 2013) Of course it does not. At least not according to Goldstein. Apparently Vaccines are unsafe and should be recalled due to unsafe side effects of death. It might bother Goldstein that 1980 there has only been 8 recorded cases of children developing autism after receiving the HPV vaccine, but when further research was done into these 8 cases if was found that the chemicals in the HPV vaccine did not directly cause autism. But even if vaccines had a small chance of causing autism, that is still better than not receiving the vaccine and having a massively greater chance of death from measles or small
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