HPV Vaccine Debate Summary

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In the article, “The HPV Debate Needs an Injection of Reality,” Arthur Allen talks about how all children are recommended to get a vaccine for viruses and why politicians continue to push for mandatory vaccination for diseases like HPV and hepatitis B to ensure the safety of teenagers if they were to engage in risky behavior such as having unprotected sex. Allen specifically focuses on the HPV vaccine which is given to girls who at risk of contracting the disease. Allen discusses that the hepatitis B vaccine was given to infants as well as teenagers. Allen states that “the choice to vaccinate infants was controversial, but the virus is a deadly one. In the early 1990s, about 250,000 Americans were infected with hepatitis B each year. Although…show more content…
There are arguments about the demand for mandatory vaccinations for teenage girls to protect them against the human papilloma virus also known as HPV. The HPV virus is known to cause cervical cancer. Allen proclaims that “in the trials done last year, the HPV vaccine prevented 70 percent of growths that lead to cervical cancer, which strikes 14,000 American women each year, killing one fourth of them. Women that received the vaccine in the trials experienced no side effects” (449). The reason why the push for mandatory vaccines by politicians is because of the studies done after experiments were conducted on volunteers. No side effects were found in patients involved in the 2006 study done by Merck, the manufacture for the HPV vaccine. Politicians therefor conclude that the vaccines can only help and making them mandatory will eventually lead to entire diseases being eradicated. Because politicians want to make vaccines mandatory for infants and teenagers, they are by default placed in the at risk group. Parents don’t want to think that their children might or have the potential for engaging in risky behavior that could put them at risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Allen continues on and argues that the HPV vaccine is as common as the flu and that is the reason why it should be mandatory to get children vaccinated against the virus. Allen states that “the spread of HPV
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