What Factors Drive Employee Retention?

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HR Analytics Group Assignment

Topic: What factors drive employee retention?

Team members: Chandra.S (1311013) Divya.R (1311021) Hemalatha.S(1311031)

HR Analytics is the application of methodology and an integrated process for improving the quality of people and people related decision for the purpose of improving both individual and organization.
Employee retention is one of the main areas of concern for any HR system. An organization should follow retention strategy which is aligned with the goals of the organization which should also synchronize with the other co-functions of HR.
Importance of human resource management in software firms Software companies like ours have
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But in the course of their best performance they will get to be promoted by the advisory of their senior manager. Since there is less vacancy currently in the organization, employees were dissatisfied with the organization that there is no career growth in the organization. Another issue raised when employees where promoted in course of their top level managers advice. The reason for their promotion was not convincing to other employees. They weren’t satisfied with the explanations given by the managers. Managers tried to explain their needs of particular work for the promoted employees are different for different functions. The employees were selected only for the need and their skill set which matched the job where there is vacancy. Other employees claim that the manager selects a person for promotion on his willingness and not due to skills or etc which is needed for the…show more content…
We are relying upon the one on the famous consulting firm to look into our issues and find out the desired results.
1. First thing we wanted to find out is how the retention is aligned with the objective of the firm
2. What factors are driving retention
Based on our analysis,
Our Organization goal is to,
• Attain Profitability
• Customer service
• Employee satisfaction
Retention is connected with the above said goals. From the HR analytics we had found out that if the employees are not retained properly then it would affect profitability and customer service.
We also catered into finding out the factors driving the retention.
From the consultation with the top management, executives and managers, we found out that there are certain important drivers for retention.
Highly conducive working environment
Potential metrics for retention include:
• To find out the overall employee turnover
• Performance turnover in key jobs to identify the difference between top performers and the bottom performers in the

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