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Meg Andrews
Lab 1: on page 33
Discussion Questions:
1. Environmental factors of the testing room play a huge role in impacting the reliability and validity of the HR assessment. Other factors can include how well the client is prepared for his or her assessment. An example would be, if the client received enough sleep prior to the procedures that are forthcoming in the fitness assessment.

2. The thumb has a pulse of its own; therefore, using it can result in an inaccurate measurements.

3. If you measure the beats during a 10 sec count and multiply by 6, then that gives you the best measurement of your HR during exercise. Otherwise, the 30 sec count is the next best suggestion.

4. Many factors can induce changes in your resting BP. They include stress—emotional and physical stress—(that includes pain from an injury) on the body, which can
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Calibration keeps measurements valid throughout your testing.

2. During an assessment, it is possible to have many random and systemic errors and their source depends on the type of experiment and measuring instruments being used.
For example, with a random error, you measure the weight of an individual three times in a week, using the same electronic scale and get slightly different values for each measurement.

For example, with a systemic error, the electronic scale you use reads slightly too high for all the measurements, partially because it was improperly weighed throughout the experiment. To minimize these errors, take more data and average out your recordings.
3. If there is a lack of linearity, then the accuracy of your results may be off.

4. A line of best fit is a straight line that represents the relationship between two variables on a scatter plot. It can be used to make predictions. The predictions rely on the correlation between the two variables tested.

5. No equipment was used that needed to be calibrated for the techniques we
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