Pharmaceutical: A Case Study

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HR organization structure is the key element in organizational learning and productivity (Evans, 2003 ). Therefore, defining clarity of roles and clear boundaries to the internal customers is crucial following mergers and acquisition. This is supported by Mohrman “right organizational design are in a better position to deliver their business better, learn faster and change more easily (Evans, p.66 2003) which I believe is the need of today fast changing environment.
The acquisition of four manufacturing firms by Zipharmaceutical will be experiencing considerable changes in their processes, influence leadership, organization culture and parameters of increased growth with the implementation of new department design ( Wald, & Lang, 2009). This
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Increase flexibility as they are part of the enterprise and closer to the business unit that can provide speed and efficient service to the customers (Evans, 2003). This is supported by Perrin survey (2008) asserted the “success of merger and acquisition depend on the automation of processes” (Holbech,2009). Having said that, system will provide employees to track their case status improving communication and collaborative strategy (Bergeron, 2002). I believe this approach will also overcome limited inter-dependency of HR function on its component and risk of losing control (Intetics,2014) reducing cost (Seth, and Sethi, 2011) and increases the consistency of HR processes across operations (Holbech, p.70 2009). This model will include two tier structure reporting to senior director includes following subunits Self-service portal(e-HR): HRIS analyst will be responsible for the operation of this unit maintaining HRIS records and development of IS. Establishing self-service internal portal connected with SAP will handle multi-channel request to serve employees, customers, and suppliers. This will achieve limited staff allocation. Centralized self-service mechanism free managers to focus on more value-added management work that increased customer service. HRIS analyst has a dual reporting, functional…show more content…
With SSC, centralized specialist forms a crucial layer that tailored to business needs with consistency through learning and sharing that creates value for everyone in the firm. They design specialist of recruitment, training and development managers reporting to director employment and org. effectiveness solely responsible for the backend operations.
Recruitment and talent acquisition manager: In my opinion, this function can be outsourced due to fierce talent requirement to stabilize the business. Liaison manager provides coordination activities between the organization and vendor to minimize the risk to hire wrong employees in a sensitive industry. Conduct job interviews and extend offers while maintaining the applicant tracking system (Hendrickson, 2003). To overcome wasting time with useless interviews this role coordinates with line
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