HR Strategies In IKEA

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HR Strategies
HR strategies are vital for planning and development for the HR process. Leadership Styles, Job designs, Reward management and recruitment are all major forms of HR strategies favored by IKEA. Leadership style is referred to the way in which managers communicates to employees to motivate them to achieve towards the organization’s goals. These styles can vary and many companies such as IKEA uses a behavioral approach to motivate employees through their unique participative styles. Programs such as ‘The IKEA Way’ is built on self-reflection. Allowing managers to observe their leadership through different angle. This opens new perspective about the business’s culture and concept. Thus, motivating them to perform work efficiently. Additionally, IKEA emphasize the importance of feedback. A 360* degree feedback model is implemented for individuals. Over 88% of the employees find this method promotes trust, communication and job satisfaction. All these factors account into a higher level of employee engagement. In return, this would reduce cost and maximise productivity and reduced expenses which is critical for the operation of a business.
Job design is another effective HR strategic that was put in place to increase productivity. This aims to reduce workers dissatisfaction in work through eliminating repetitive tasks. In IKEA, work can get very repetitive. Employees are given a greater span of responsibility and challenges. This leads to personal satisfaction and

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