Human Resource Planning: Reasons For Human Resources

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Task 2 Reasons for human resources planning. Human Resources departments in companies generally execute staff-related operations that include hiring, skills development and improvements and retirement-related services. Human resource planning is vital part of HR since it is comprises recruitment and the job market. Companies must always stay abreast of the latest labor market situations such that it is able to utilize talents to obtain its goals. Human Resource Planning Definition Human resource planning can be understood as a course of actions during which suitable candidates are matched with new vacancies at the company. Background checks and assessments, both internally and externally, are carried out on the workers. Forecasting Human…show more content…
These professionals help the company to understand how each team member generates value in the company. At the end of the day, these results can be mapped to overall profits in the company. Understanding this link between the employees and profits is important to a company. This is because the company does not want to be in a position whereby a member of staff leaves the company and the company is unable to replace him or her. By failing to see the gap in this employee’s contribution to the company’s overall profit, the company may face a problem in terms of overall…show more content…
These methods include reducing the cost of employee’s healthcare through successful negotiations with healthcare agencies. HR also has to ensure that wages and benefits are pegged to the market conditions and job expectations. This is to ensure that employees’ salaries are justified by the value that they generate with respect to the overall profitability of the company. Conflict Resolution Since the workplaces consists of a mixture different working styles, characters and backgrounds, naturally, disagreements abound. A HR manager or leader may be professionally equipped with the necessary skills to manage and help to solve disagreements in the workplace. Conflict resolution promotes healthy work relationships. Training and Development HR also carries out surveys and assessments within the organization to find out what types of skills require upgrading. When companies are able to train staff to fill in labor gaps, they may reduce costs because of the eliminating the need to hire another member of staff. Upgrading workers may also reduce the turnover and increase the rate of employee retention at the

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