HRM Performance Management Case Study

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HRM Performance Management

Performance management differs from local operation compared with international operations. When Western organization decided to expand in the East, or when organization decided to outsource employees in other country, the big cultural differences can create a dilemma when the diverse workforce differs in their belief, culture, languages, work ethics, values and religion that can impact the major difference in their performance. This can result in cultural and organizational struggle, disobedience and insubordination in an organization, especially during expansion.
Multinational companies are challenged by global operations; they encounter diversity and cultural differences that highly affect the performance of their employees when they are required to perform the companies set of standard practices in their international expansion. Because of the differences and needs of their employees their management and leadership skills across boundaries require high flexibility and adjustment to meet these challenges and align the performance of their employees to their standards.
In terms of performance management system and human capital development
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Management and leaders have full involvement and control especially in critical operations where the source of knowledge must be central to the expert leadership command. In the case of Ford Motors, they ensure that the production quality in local and in international operations is aligned by setting their operations standard. They may also exercise employees involvement limited to operations, but in the tradition of Henry Ford, autocratic management in their production has become effective to establish employees control and organizational objectives to be the leader in automobile industry (Atlantic,
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