External Fit In Patagonia

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The type of HRM system installed in Patagonia is a configurational perspective. They have unique and complex HR policies which create value for the company. The external fit ensures that HR systems are in line with business strategy .Internal fit focuses on HRM practice congruency, i.e., balancing HRM activities with one another to positively impact the organization.
The policies are in line with the strategy, informal work culture promotes flexible timings but it also means that the job at hand is completed within the given deadlines. Since there strategy is to make world class products with the same quality throughout the world, employees surfing at work, testing with their outdoor equipment is a part of their strategy.
In the same way,
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The third part of the webinar deals with transformation of HR. It is explained in four phases: What is the business context of the transformation, what will be the outcomes, why we need to redesign HR and HR accountability.
In HR redesign, there are three parts of HR, HR professionals, HR practices and HR department. The HR professionals constitute the people in the HR profession. It is how they manage people and business. They were some competencies that every HR leader should possess as per Dave Ulrich: credible activists, business ally, operational executor, strategy architect, culture and change steward and talent manager organization designer.
The HR practices should be to align, integrate and innovate the people, performance, communication and work. The people in the organization should be talented and the right people should be placed in the right place in the right time. The performance management should be linked to the people management. Communication with the employees should be in line with the strategy and the work culture depends on the organization.
The HR department should focus on organizing to deliver work and align the
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And Patagonia is a bright example of how this is done. People are passionate about maintain the brand “Patagonia”, they enjoy working in the company and remain loyal to the brand. As per the workforce magazine, employees may “receive bonuses linked to their performance, responsibility and salary if the company meets or exceeds goals, financial or otherwise.” Hence performance management is in link with the people management. Open channel communication is also prevalent as the one can leave messages for the founder when he is not in office. Work has always been exceptional in Patagonia as they always believed in creating great products as the basic requirement for a great
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