HSUS: Animal Cruelty

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The video HSUS: Animal Rescue Team is an advertisement used to raise awareness against animal cruelty. The video can be viewed online via YouTube at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V2bhgzuQns HSUS 's Animal Rescue Team works with law enforcement to investigate illegal animal cruelty. Every year they rescue thousands of animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarders, and other situations where animals suffer from cruelty. The video was released online on August 8, 2013 with 61,682 thousand views as of today. HSUS mainly purpose for this video was to raise awareness against the abuse of animals. The intended audience was adults, teens, children, and anyone who is watching. In order to persuade this audience…show more content…
We can clearly see that they were all occurring at different times and maybe in different places of the country. In order to create a scene of sadness, but happiness at the same time the song “Sunbird by William Henries & Micheal Hoborn” is used to create that mood. The music builds that tone of sadness due to the tone or rhythm of the song, but also creates a happy mood because of the lyrics. This video relies more on visual aids than anything else since they don’t really talk much. When they do talk it’s to explain the pain and relive these animals are going through and to show what people are capable of doing if they use their heart. The ending message doesn’t say much it only shows the logo of the Humane Society, but what matters is the way the video starts to end. Showing the affection between man and “beast” showing us (the audience) how fast we can have a connection with an animal by simply just looking at their pain and sympathizing. This arrangement of visual aids and the short narrative used, gives us a small look into what truly goes on in the HSUS and what their work consists of. It promotes all kinds of feelings throughout the whole 2 minutes and 55 second video, but it mostly promotes…show more content…
The HSUS is trying to argue and/or it’s claiming that they’re many animals out there who need help and you can help them. They don’t specifically say they need your help, but they do make it clear by demonstrating ethos throughout the ad. They use plenty of different takes on different areas where they’ve helped many neglected animals. This message was created to raise awareness in the community on an issue that’s growing every day. The purpose was to show us (the audience) how this animals are treated and then abandoned by their owners without any regret. Their way of delivering was very efficient since they uploaded the video to a much streamed network. A video is a great way of showing the audience not only with words, but visually how extended the problem is or might get bigger in the future. We notice they use ethos (i.e. use of a sad rhythm song) all through the video. Focusing mainly on the sad faces of the animals and even slowing down the video so we can visualize how they might be feeling and how great we would feel if we helped

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