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Häagen Dazs Ad Analysis Essay The Häagen Dazs advertisement uses multiple techniques in order to sell their product effectively. The product advertised in this advert is chocolate ice cream from Häagen Dazs. It is targeted towards upper class people who want something delighting to eat. The main purpose of this advertisement is to draw attention to the delicacy of the product. The ad shows a picture of chocolate ice cream scoops in a glass bowl rimmed with gold, with a couple of mint leafs on the top. On the top left corner there is the classic Häagen Dazs logo, with their slogan. On the top right there is a short copy and below there is another short slogan used by the company for this specific advert. The Häagen Dazs advertisement uses the…show more content…
The background is a subtle grey gradient, so the main focus is the product, which takes up half of the ad. The text is quite short however well organised and straight to the point. The main slogan is presented like stairs, suggesting that you are own step closer to god, if you buy this product. Representing the slogan like this grabs the audiences attention and makes it more memorable. The layout of the advert appeals to wealthy and upper class people due to its classiness and luxuriousness. It uses snob appeal in order to make the client feel glamorous. The use of a glass bowl displays the ice cream in the ad as if it where served to you in a cafe which gives the audience the desire to want this product. The high quality picture shows the ice cream like it would be served, which makes the moist ice cream texture stand out. This could attract many children and teenagers too, since they also enjoy eating ice cream and this helps them picture and imagine the taste of it. The picture of the ice cream stands out the most from the ad, which grabs the audiences attention immediately.
The advertisement makes you feel very posh, because your looking at something that was aimed mainly towards rich people. It appears very modern looking but still unique due to its high quality. It makes you feel luxuries, like the ice cream is represented. It wants the consumer to have the desire to buy this product. Therefore it uses the concept
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The copy in the advert historically connects the product to the mayan gods. The product was discovered over 2000 years ago by mayans which was given to the gods and now Häagen Dazs is giving the product to us. This shows originality in the product which persuades the target audience to buy their product. God is highly appreciated and worshipped, so the product is said to be really good as if what would be given to the gods is now given to you. Using “you” is used to directly refer to the client. This text uses multiple persuasive linguistic words like “offer” and “now”, in order to convince the audience by letting them now the benefits of their product and message of this ad. It is very short and easily legible in a black sans serif

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