Haas And Flower Rhetorical Analysis

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The Synopsis that I gathered from Haas and Flowers’ “Rhetorical Reading Strategies and the Construction of Meaning” was none the less another interesting read. Experienced readers might come to understand that both reading and writing can be “context-rich, situational, and have constructive acts”. Though a large number of students may find reading and writing more or less to be an exchange of valued or non-valued information. Continuing on, multiple studies that have been conducted have also found that on average 77 percent of experienced readers tend to use content strategies to expand their knowledge of the reading. These strategies usually include vigorous annotations of the reading/writing that have been shown to improve the readers/writers’ comprehension of the material.…show more content…
This forced me to begin to think outside of the box and greatly expanded my knowledge of deep thought. Soon I watched as my grades steadily rose with valiance, and as a reader I became part of the text that came into my path. Haas and Flowers’ rhetorical reading strategies make sense to me in a way that has been familiar for a long time. From this reading, I felt that though I have never read Haas and Flowers’ exert, I have experienced it through the teachings of others. Now with this on my mind, I will be calling my professor back home and ask her if Hass’s exert is where she pulled ideas of how to teach students to not just read but to explore the reading around

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