Hab Case Study Summary

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Five employees was terminated improperly due to posting negative comments on Facebook social network, related to the workplace, remarks made by another colleague who had ridiculed their work productivity. They were employed by Hispanic United of Buffalo (HUB), an organization in upstate New York that provides social services to the low-income, they were terminated on October 12, 2010. After the offended party read the comments on Facebook she brought it to the attention of the HUB supervisor, which terminated the five employees for posting negative comments and not complying with HUB policy on harassment. NLRB Judge ruled in favor of the five employees that were terminated, his decision was based on legal principle that the five were involved in protected concerted activity. HUB was ordered to reinstate the five workers with back pay. By discharging the discriminatees on October 12, Respondent’s (HUB) prevented from taking group action vis-à-vis (colleagues’) criticism. The NLRB Judge reviewed the employer’s anti-harassment policies, he determine the commented did not…show more content…
This could better the employee relations in the company. It could lead to changes in company policies on the use of social media by stating “it is against company policy to put negative comments about your colleagues or the company on social media”. If there is a problem between you and another employee, they should report it to their supervisor. When making policies regarding for a company social media it is important employers must be careful with the words they use and the context in which they use them. Worse could happen other employees, who feel they have been wrong, used social media to express their feelings about a colleague or the company, causing confusion within and giving the company a bad reputation of their relation with their employees. Explanation of your Decision to Your Employees or
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