Habit 7: Achieving A Dream Job

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Habit 7

Mission Statement:
To help the people that needs it the most. To encourage people that your dream job is not impossible and if you try your hardest you will eventually make it.

This mission statement is important to me because ever since I was a child my parents taught me immediately that helping others will make yourself feel better and that good luck will come to you. Also doing lots of internet surfing through the web I realized that achieving your dream job is always possible. My mom works as a hair stylists in East Hastings and there are tons of homeless people around the block. Everytime I’m there I would always ask my parents to give me some money to give to the homeless or would buy some coffee or sandwiches for them to eat. I give money back to the community because when I was younger I would always see my mom give them change or food so that is where I learned how to be a decent human being. My dream job is to work for WWE and I’ve seen so many people that don’t even wrestle get jobs given to them because they’ve been watching for years and have a good
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If I’m not being proactive it’s probably because I would be stressed or mad. I don’t get stressed out easily because I always have a timeline for myself to help make me do the right decisions and do my work on time. I like doing my work or projects on time so it doesn’t worry me of not being proactive in the future because it would take a lot for myself to slow myself down. I think some of my friends help me being proactive because they don’t like disturbing me if I tell them if I’m busy and vice versa if they’re busy I won’t disturb them. I would say I learned how to be proactive more from my friends than from my family because my family usually don’t like to do things on time and would always delay stuff and blame it on something
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