Habitude Reflection

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In my first semester of college, I have learned a lot about myself, especially through the link class required by all freshman students. The various activities we have done throughout the class have helped me significantly, especially through the habitude stories. These stories seemed pointless at first, but after I read them I learned some important information. Some of the habitudes helped me with things I was struggling with, such as time management. I enjoyed the Big Rocks First habitude because it allowed me to understand how I can schedule my time better by prioritizing the most important things first. Another activity that helped me appreciate the class, was the book Why College Matters to God. This book allowed me to realize the importance…show more content…
While I completed my internship at a physical therapy clinic, I met a physical therapist that I looked up to and admired. I admired the physical therapist because he had gone through the extremely difficult process of becoming a physical therapist and had all the answers. I looked at the therapist as a mentor that could help me someday reach my goal and I wanted to be just like him. I could use the success of the therapist as a guideline for my success; that is why I admired the physical therapist during my internship experience. If I can become a physical therapist, my life will look like the life of the therapist I worked with. I will be able to not only help patients recover but help students who are trying to reach the same goal that I am working towards. If I can accomplish my goal, I will live a happy life because I am able to help others and do what I want. To become a person that people admire, I will have to work hard mentally, physically, and emotionally. To get into physical therapy school, I will have to work extremely hard every semester and make the best possible grades I can. I have already begun this process by studying and making good grades, and by spending my limited free time interning with physical therapists. I will have to miss several social events for studying and miss vacations for the summers I am interning, but this will all be worth it in the end when I get to…show more content…
I want to be remembered as a person who worked hard their entire life to help others. I believe I can do this through my future career of physical therapy. I have already begun working hard and I will continue to work hard to get into physical therapy and eventually get my license as a therapist. When I finally become a physical therapist, my hard work and dedication will have paid off; but the dedication will not stop there. Physical therapists dedicate their time and services to helping people recover and get back to living life without pain. Physical therapy will require hard work throughout the entire career and I will continue my dedication to helping others throughout my career. When I become a physical therapist, I want to help students gain information about the career just like a physical therapist did for me. I want to be able to mentor students and help them find the wonderful feeling of when you find your career and show them that hard work and dedication does pay off. I want to be remembered as a person who dedicated their life to helping others recover and succeed in
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