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Movie Report: Hacksaw Ridge The movie Hacksaw Ridge takes place during World War II on the island of Okinawa against the Japanese. The bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941 while under Franklin Roosevelt 's presidency by the Japanese triggered America’s involvement in World War II. Hacksaw Ridge is a historically accurate movie pertaining to the real life events of what went on between the characters, the settings and events during World War II at Hacksaw Ridge in Okinawa. Desmond Doss, who is the main character, lived with his family in Virginia: Tom Doss, his father, Bertha Doss his mother, and Harnold Doss, his brother. They were all Seventh-day Adventists which is also accurate in real life. Desmond ended up marrying Dorothy Schutte. The main reason Desmond wanted to enlist in the army was…show more content…
In the movie, it only shows Japanese men fighting and helping out. However, not only men were helping in the battle like the movie portrays, but women and children as well, ( Masaaki, 6). Also the movie was inaccurate when it came to Desmond at the end of the movie when it shows him being lifted by a stretcher because he was shot in the leg. He actually gave up his spot on the stretcher and gave it to someone else that was injured and then later got shot in the arm and stayed up on the ridge for 5 hours until he made it to safety. However, the director did not opt to put this in the movie because he thought the audience would think it 's too unbelievable ("Hacksaw Ridge," Wikipedia). All in all, the movie Hacksaw Ridge is very accurate to the real life events that took place in 1945. The movies gives an accurate portrayal of the main characters, the setting, and what went on during World War II at Hacksaw Ridge. Overall amount of deaths throughout this battle is estimated at around 160,000 people. In the end, The U.S. defeated the Japanese at the battle of Hacksaw Ridge on the island of

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