Hada Totem Horse Symbolism

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As we take a look at this unique totem pole, we not only grasp understanding about the Haida people of the Masset village, but also a deeper meaning behind the representation of these interesting creatures. Haida totem poles were very abstract. All part of a cultural tradition, many of these figures we see on Haida totem poles have meaning within them. These animals portray characteristics that an individual may possess such as the wolf who symbolizes intelligence and the whale portrays kindness. These figures can also portray emotional states such as a feeling of rebirth, which is a representation of the frog. The two most important symbols were the Raven and the Eagle. They represented the two different moieties of the Haida. The raven symbolizes…show more content…
Referred to at times as the “trickster” the raven is a key part of many Northwest Coast Legends and stories in which the raven teaches us about life and right from wrong. The eagle symbolizes grace and power. The gift the eagle shares is the ability of foresight and an indication of good times to come. Ownership of both of their family crests, territories, stories and dances have been passed down for centuries through birth and marriage. With the raven and the eagle being the two main crests, it’s tradition that when married, one marries another of the opposite crest. Let's take a deeper look at each figure individually on our totem pole to unravel the symbolism that each figure possesses. Let’s begin with the raven. Eyes are drawn directly to the raven that we see at the bottom of the totem pole, with its’ beak being the only point of the totem pole that sticks out. Ancient Haida mythology suggest that the raven is a cultural hero, magician and transformer. Speaking with an expert from the Haida village of Masset, let's receive her intake on a mythical story behind the raven. Listen closely. A
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