Hades Hero's Journey

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Hades sat upon his throne and pondered upon his thoughts. It had taken thousands of years for the god of the Underworld to realize how exceptionally dull the Underworld had become and he had not an idea of what to do. The dark lord had suffered and been victorious many times. As an infant, the king of darkness had been swallowed, and promptly regurgitated, by his own father; found himself saved by his clown of a brother, and had assisted in the defeat of the mighty Titans. However, it was a feeling of boredom that brought his ultimate defeat. Unhurriedly, Hades’ eyes moved slowly from the Helm of Darkness to his signature bident, but neither brought feelings of joy to his jaded mind, only feelings of an exciting time. Ultimately, the prince of darkness decided to rise up…show more content…
“A girl?” “Not just a girl, but the fairest and most beautiful girl I’ve ever gazed upon. Her beauty is akin to that of a rising sun and hair just as blazing red. A woman blessed with a laugh so innocent, so sweet that I cannot withhold my affection toward her. Brother, will you assist me? Will you utilize your divine powers to bring her to the underworld?” Zeus chuckled like a child. “Hades, I did not believe you capable of expressing love. I will not close my eyes to this rare occasion. Please brother, show me the girl capable of bringing warmth to a heart colder than Boreas’ breath .” Though he was ignorant of it, Hades was experiencing joy for the first time in thousands of years. He ran, resembling a thrilled infant, toward the Olympian gardens, utterly ignoring his chariot and its horses. After a quarter of an hour, the gods of the underworld and the sky arrived at the gardens, hiding behind a shrub. There, Hades’ love was rolling around in the fields with her companions. Hades fixated your eyes her, so childlike and gorgeous. However, it was at this moment that Zeus noticed whom Hades had become smitten with: the daughter of Demeter and Zeus himself,

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