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The Big Three (Greek Mythology) Did you ever wonder who the big three of Greek mythology are? Well if you did read on… Hades is the oldest , followed by Poseidon then Zeus. Hades is more shadowy. Poseidon is more grumpier. Zeus is more powerful. Hades is not welcomed by the other gods. It is hard to to find statues of Hades. He is the oldest of the big three. His Roman equivalent is Pluto. He is not evil at all. He is just mean with a bad temper. In Greek myths he is more shadowy than spooky or cruel. In ancient Greek Hades means invisible, which explains why he has a helmet that can make him invisible. His helmet is called “Helmet of Darkness”. He had a three-headed dog that is called Cerberus. Even though, he lives…show more content…
You smash down your trident and make big waves and earthquakes. Phew. Luckily you are not Poseidon, because if you were, you would’ve probably killed 3,000 people. He is the god of the sea and earthquakes. He carried a trident. Whenever he is mad he strike the sea with his trident which causes big waves and earthquakes. He created horses and Pegasus. His Roman equivalent is Neptune. He is the second oldest. That is some facts on the more grumpier god. Do you think you know a lot about the god of the sky. Well think again because here is the 6 most important facts about the Zeus. His Roman equivalent is Jupiter. He carries lightning bolts which he got from the cyclops. He is the youngest of all three. He is the god of the sky. He live on Mount Olympus. Originally in Greece, the olympics were held to honor Zeus. These are the 6 most interesting facts about the lord of the sky. Keep in mind that Hades can’t choose when you will die, but he can choose what you do after you die. In conclusion, Poseidon is the more grumpier god out of all three. To this end remember that Zeus is one of the more powerful god of all three. Keep in mind that the big three is Hades, Poseidon, and lastly

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