Hae Min Jay Accused

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Have you ever thought if a criminal could be falsely accused? Perhaps you would think the judges or police would have good evidence to contradict the criminal. Well there 's a law, guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which means that the accused is the only logical person who could have done the crime even if hard evidence is lacking. On January 13, 1999 Hae Min Lee a senior at Woodlawn high school had disappeared. she was suppose to pick up her cousin after school but never showed up. This is when Hae Min Lee family knew something was wrong. One month later, her body was found hidden in Lincoln park. Police report shows that her death was caused by manual strangulation. A couple weeks later Hae 's ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was accused of her murder. Adnan claims he had nothing to do with the crime one guy, Jay claims that he was with him since the…show more content…
Another convincing reason for believing Adnan’s guilty is there was another victim involved in the murder, Jay. It all starts when Adnan left school to go to Jay’s house to see if he had gotten a present for his girlfriend, they went to the mall and Adnan had told Jay his plan of killing Hae. Then they go back to the school and Adnan leaves his keys and phone with him and says to wait for his call after he had killed Hae. Later, that afternoon he receives a call from Adnan saying that he killed her and to come pick him up from Best Buy. He goes to Best Buy and saw her body in her own car in the trunk already dead with her blue lips. After, they leave Hae’s car at a park and ride and drive around Baltimore. Then they go back to school because Adnan had track practice to attend and needed to be seen there. After practice jay picks up Adnan again, they drive around and That’s when the call comes in from the police and then they proceeded to go get Hae’s car. They drive around more and finally end up at Lincoln park and bury her body around 7;00-8;00 PM. This is Jay’s testimony of what had happened that day. Also,

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