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What would you do if you were falsely convicted of murdering your ex-girlfriend? The story of serial narrated by Sarah Koenig is about the 1999 murder case of Hae Min Lee and how new evidence could lead to the state realizing ….. They got the wrong guy. Adnan Syed is the person who was convicted for Hae Min Lee’s murder. Jay Wilds is a key witness to what happened to Hae as well as he admits helping out when they were burying the body. This story is interesting because at some points you’re like Adnan is innocent and at others you’re like ohh….this could mean he’s guilty. I believe Adnan Syed is innocent because no forensic evidence was ever tested and used in trial. Also summer (last person in contact with Hae) claims that Hae couldn’t have been there at the time the state says she was murdered.

The first reason i believe Adnan is innocent is that no forensic evidence was ever tested nor used in trial. This reason makes sense
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This reason makes sense because if summer was in conversation with Hae for 10 minutes, the 2:36 call from Adnan to Jay saying he had killed Hae couldn’t have happened. This is the part of the story when you realize Hae couldn’t have been killed at said time. “ It’s impossible, it’s not, there’s no way no how Hae could’ve been at Best Buy at 2:36”. That’s what summer says when Koenig tells her what the state claims to be the time Hae was murdered. This proves Adnan is innocent because the 2:36 call from Adnan to Jay saying he had killed Hae and to pick him up from Best Buy wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, Adnan is innocent because if Adnan made that call at Best Buy it means summer would be lying. But why would summer lie about it ? Besides summer was talking to Hae at the last school bell which was like at 2:40 and she was in conversation with her for like 10

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