Hae Min Lee Case Study

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The case of Hae Min Lee was originally only prominent within Baltimore County of Maryland. It has the trappings of a typical high school murder; a teen is angry at their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend for breaking up with them and as a result, would murder them. However, the case has gained international attention largely due to the investigations from ‘Serial’, which revealed an abnormal number of inconsistencies within the case against Adnan Syed, allowing Syed to be granted a new trial. Based on evidence that is present, Adnan is most likely innocent of the murder of Hae Min Lee because of the lack of concrete physical evidence that would signify his guilt. After all, if there is no physical evidence that would prove a suspect’s involvement in…show more content…
During Adnan’s trial, Nisha discusses how Adnan talked about how he was invited to Jay’s workplace at a video store and that Jay wanted to greet her. This call is extremely significant to the case because the call contradicts Adnan’s statement that he was at track practice at Woodlawn High School around this time, since only Adnan knows who Nisha is, demonstrating that Adnan is being dishonest about his whereabouts in the afternoon, a potential indication that he did indeed murder Hae. Furthermore, the call corroborates with Jay’s story, as it places Adnan with Jay during the afternoon. However, there is a possible explanation for this call. According to ‘Serial’, in the fine print of a document of a class action lawsuit against AT&T in 1999, the company billed calls that were beyond a reasonable length, which is thirty seconds. This provides evidence to Adnan’s theory that the Nisha Call is actually a butt-dial as the duration of the call was two minutes and twenty-two seconds and as a result, would be labeled on Adnan’s cell phone records. Additionally, although Nisha remembers talking to Adnan in this call, she is most likely confusing two separate calls. As previously mentioned, Nisha says Adnan told her that Jay invited him to his workplace at a video store. There is a glaring discrepancy in this statement, which is the fact that Jay didn’t start working at a video store until the end of January. This suggests that Nisha mistook the contents of The Nisha Call with a different call, which heightens the possibility that this call was actually a butt-dial. Furthermore, if the contents of the call actually originated from another call, then Adnan couldn’t have possibly told Nisha that he was with Jay in the afternoon, and hence, contradict his own statement that he was at school. If there is no anecdotal evidence that would directly challenge a

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