Hae Min Lee Murder Case Study

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If you’re going to murder your ex-girlfriend you should probably find a better way of covering it up. Adnan is a senior in a high school in Baltimore, Maryland where his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee was reported lost on January 13th, 1999 and found in Leakin Park on February 9th. Adnan Syed was found guilty of first degree murder, the main witness in the case was his thought to be best friend Jay, who we later learned felt like Adnan wasn’t a close friend. The reasons that Adnan murdered Hae Min Lee all add up, Adnan has a motive having Hae being of different culture he put a lot on the line to date her, Jay claims to have seen Adnan with Hae in the trunk of a car that Adnan had and, Adnan also had no alibi to where he was at the time of Hae’s …show more content…

Burrowing Adnan’s car and then meeting up with Adnan after at Best Buy where Adnan showed him the lifeless body of Hae in the parking lot. After this he asked him to help bury the body. Jay decided to assist and bury the body claiming to have gone to Leakin Park with Adnan and digging a shallow 6 inch grave for Hae. This was the main evidence in the case that the state used to sentence Adnan to the murder of Hae. Jay was the main witness and placed Adnan with Hae before the murder and then with the dead body and getting rid of the …show more content…

Adnan said he didn’t know what he did that day and that it felt like a normal day it being six weeks who couldn’t blame him. Except for the part of how could this be an ordinary day, Adnan claimed to be very close with Hae how would you not remember the day of her disappearance. This day should be engraved in your brain for awhile at least six weeks I would say. Adnan’s only claims was to be with Asia, Jay’s girlfriend and Hae’s friend at the time and she was nowhere to be found during the court hearings and investigation. In the podcast Serial, Asia alibied that Adnan was in the library at the time of the murder and would of had to time to meet Jay at Best Buy but, why didn’t this come up in the court case. This doesn’t make sense if you saw the appointed murderer of a girl that you grew up around wouldn’t you remember seeing him on this day and go to the detective or a school official. This came up years later, when Asia was questioned by Sara in the podcast. Asia was able to remember this years later but, not bring it up months after it happened, being a young adult this would of come to voice very

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