Who Killed Hae

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Adnan could not have killed Hae. On January 13 Hae Min Lee was last seen around 3:00pm after school and her body was found in a woodsy park on February 9 and was identified two days later. The first suspect for the crime was her ex-boyfriend Adnan who was still attending high school. After the sloppy course of interrogations the jury found him guilty with the murder of Hae. But then what was the evidence that was used to lock Adnan up for his whole life, there was no physical evidence that Adnan killed Hae and secondly none of the stories that Hae's friend make are really truthful to what actually happened mainly referring Jay at this point. Adnan and Hae broke up on November 3rd, and after a couple of days of broken feeling they went back to being really good friends with no hatred or sadness for each other. Adnan was also known as a "great guy" from around town and was really loved by friends and family, he was going to live up to everyone's expectations that he…show more content…
Jay was a lot closer to Hae than Adnan in terms of friendship, but valued them both as good friends, after all Jay and Adnan did just smoke pot together on occasion. Jay made up in total three different stories during the trial, granted the first one was a short summary of the 3rd story. Jay is unreliable, sells pot, known liar, and always involved in crime around the city. Adnan said, "I was not very well-connected with Jay, I mean I smoked weed with him once" (Episode 2). I mean it sounds like a small friendship made from relation from others, but then why would Adnan call Jay for the disposing of Hae's body when Adnan knows that Jay is better friends with Hae, in turn making jay upset or calling the police. This is the most unsettling factor of this case. Opening a lot of factors of what could have actually happened, like if Jay was forced into helping or if Jay had a grudge with Hae and blamed it on Adnan's horrible
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