Haemon's Argument Analysis

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Analysis of Haemon’s Argument 1. Haemon believes that Antigone should not be killed, because the citizens of Thebes were against her death. Furthermore, Antigone was Haemon’s fiancee. This is shown when Haemon says to Creon, “The whole city of Thebes denys [Antigone as a traitor]” (Sophocles, 820). Haemon believes that Creon should listen to the people, thus he supports the citizens opinion. 2. Haemon considers his father's position as when he says “I obey you… whatever good direction you may offer” (710, 712). However, Haemon’s position shifts after he considers Creon’s position. 3. Haemon’s stance seems reasonable. Creon should listen to the people, as Haemon points out, “It's best to learn from those with good advice” (809). Haemon…show more content…
Haemon’s argument has elements of ethos, or sense of right and wrong; pathos, or emotions; and logos, or appeal to logic. The element of ethos is portrayed when Haemon says, “When you trample down the honors of gods?” (835). Here, Haemon makes Creon question whose authority is superior: that of immortals, or that of earthly kings. Pathos is portrayed in Haemon’s argument when he mentions that “No marriage could ever mean more to me than you.” (711). By making his father feel Haemon’s love, Haemon increases his chance of winning the argument. Lastly, Haemon uses logos with two metaphors to show how even the best men are not infallible. Haemon states how trees who stay rooted without flexibility would break in a large torrent. Also, Haemon uses a metaphor about sailing, saying that a sailor who hauls in the sheets too tight will surely capsize. 5. Haemon’s strengths in his argument outweigh his weaknesses, by far. Haemon’s strengths include his use of metaphors, quotes of the people, respectful treatment of his father, and an organized argument. Haemon’s weakness is his exit from the argument. By threatening his own death if Creon kills Antigone, Haemon seems weak. The argument shows Haemon’s intellect, poise and maturity. However, his exit also shows Haemon’s emotional
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