Character Analysis Of Hagar In A Fallen Angel

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At the end of her life, Hagar realizes and understands what her ego did to her and to her family. She sees that she has been living by the standards of other people all of her life. She feels that she hasn’t ever been free and that she has caused herself and others immeasurable pain and suffering. There is also the fact that Hagar doesn’t accept any help from anybody, because she is far too proud for that. Now, she feels as through pride has hold her back from feeling joy throughout her entire life. Hagar’s last act of pride in life is her refusal to allow her nurse to help her drink from her glass of water by holding it up for her. Even at the end of her life, Hagar is too proud to accept help or admit that she needs it. Therefore, she dies alone, unhappy and unfulfilled but her pride was well alive. Her life’s struggle thought until the very end. Hagar is a character who possesses incredible depth.…show more content…
In many ways Hagar’s passionless life was identical to that of the Angel; it never shed a tear, rarely did she. Her inability to express emotion led to her relentless ignorance of other and their opinions. Hagar has become a puppet at the hands of fate. After her stay in Mr.Oatley’s house for a year, Mr. Oatley dies, but luckily for he has left ten thousand dollars for her in his will. The money comes to her as a reward for the honest service to Mr.Oatley. Hagar buys a house with that money. She is no longer obligated to her late husband. In a way she has come into her own, by owning a house with self-earned money, though at a late stage of her life. She enjoys a bit of economic security now, but emotionally she has to depend upon her only surviving son Marvin and daughter in-law, Doris. Here begins her third and last stage of life. In spite of all the past suffering like the loss of husband and of son, she has not lost her

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