Characteristics Of Hagia Sophia

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Features • The Emperor Door It is the largest door in Hagia Sophia. It was originally used by the Byzantine emperors or their entourage. The door is made from wood and it is covered with mosaics. • The Omphalion The circular marble slabs are made from the Omphalion. It is the site were the Byzantine emperors were crowned. • The Dome It is an architectural legacy. It was intended to be larger and taller than any other dome built. The dome was repaired many times due to structure failures and earthquakes in 558 AD. It is now supported by 40 spaced ribs and, the dome is inscribed with the verses of the Quran. The concept of the dome was to have it looked like it was suspended from heaven by golden strings which is why it is surrounded by windows.…show more content…
It is located on the west end of the central space from Hellenistic era. It is used for an oil ritual anointment. • Mosaics The mosaics is one of the significant features of Hagia Sophia. The Byzantine mosaics are located on the upper level galleries. In the imperial entrance, it displays Christ seated on a jeweled throne with the emperor kneeling. On the sides are angel Gabriel and Virgin Mary. The mosaic on the exit displays Mary with the child on her lap. On one side Constantine I presents her with a model of the city. The other emperor Justinian I offers a model of Hagia Sophia. The mosaic on top of the apse and the mihrab displays Mary with a child. She is flanked on the adjacent walls by Archangels Gabriel and Michael. The mosaic depicts Christ flanked by Constantine IX offering a bag of coins and, on the left Empress Zoe offering a scroll with a list of charitable donations to the church. The mosaic depicts Virgin Mary on the right flanked by emperor John II Comnenus offering a bag of coins, on the left is Empress Irene on the right offering a scroll with a list of charitable donations to the church. The mosaic displays Christ flanked by Virgin Mary and John the Baptist in worshipping attitude. It is the most famous mosaic in Hagia
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