Hahati Mere Saathi Movie Analysis

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With each film of his turning into a greater hit than the one going before it, [Rajesh] Khanna began trusting that he was a ruler of sorts. In any case, profound inside, he appeared to realize that elements concealed and obscure assumed an incredible part in how things had gotten down to business. It was maybe this inclination that provoked him to make a shortcut to purchase Rajendra Kumar 's home, 'Dimple ', when the celebration star put it available to be purchased. Kumar had come to Bombay following Partition and it was his fantasy to buy a house in the city that had given him acknowledgment. He had at first rejected B.R. Chopra 's songless examination Kanoon (1960), yet when he became acquainted with about the accessibility of the…show more content…
In an offer to get something generous, Khanna asked Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar to tackle Haathi Mere Saathi. The pair was searching for autonomous credit, which was the slightest of the authoritative whiz 's stresses. He guaranteed Akhtar that if the two concocted something better than average, he would get them a performance screen acknowledge as well as give them more cash than they had been making at Sippy Films. All Khanna needed was a mostly good content that wouldn 't humiliate him on screen, which he was to impart to a parade of elephants. Initially called Pyaar Ki Duniya, Haathi Mere Saathi is the account of Raju (Khanna), a vagrant who grows up with a pack of elephants who had spared his life. Raju begins performing with the elephants and with the progression of time, ends up noticeably sufficiently rich to open a zoo called Pyaar Ki Duniya where he lives joyfully with his creature companions. Raju is nearest to one of the elephants called Ramu, who is likewise instrumental in making Raju and Tanu (Tanuja) begin to look all starry eyed at. The two wed,

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