Haida Inuit And Sioux Swot Analysis

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The Haida, Inuit and Sioux
Everyone has similarities and differences even if they look just alike. Although there are many things that are different about people there are also many similarities. The Haida, Inuit and Sioux are great examples of pros and cons because they all have to find other ways to hunt for food and gather supplies because unlike us they don’t all have grocery stores to go and get their supplies at. Even though there are similarities there are many differences to.

Here are some of the similarities of the Haida, Inuit and Sioux. First off is that one of the most important pieces of information is that all of the woman and men of all tribes have their own parts to do. Without different parts, the tribes communication …show more content…

First off the weather is so cold there that they have igloos as houses. That means that they can use their surrounding ice and snow to build a home that can stay there even through the summer. The Inuit can also build houses out of wood but it is very rare to see in a village because there are not a lot of trees in the arctic for them to cut down and build as houses, plus it takes more effort and work when they could just have an igloo and get other more important things done. Next thing that is different between the other two tribes is that the Inuit think that they are the most important barometer in the world because what happens in the world, like global changes, always happen there first. Therefore we can figure out what’s gonna happen to us in the next few years from the information based off of the arctic. Lastly, the travel of the Inuit is different between the other two tribes. The Inuit travel by snowmobile because since it is so cold in the arctic and it is usually always covered in snow, the easiest way to get around is by snowmobile. In conclusion those are the differences from the

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