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This essay is about Native American Indian cultures .specifically the Haida tribe and will discuss the impact stone carving had on their life and culture. This essay contains information about their religious beliefs i.e. Ceremonies, their cultural and social values around stones and stone carving and the physical and geographical influences for their stone art.

Who were the Native American Indians?

Native Americans are made up of various tribes ,but the Canadian Indians became known as the first nation. The native American Indians were pre Columbian and indigenous to Canada and the United States. Below is map of the Indian nation which shows there tribes and territories. the haida tribe has been chosen because they are one of
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In figure # it is possible to see the tribe doing a ceremonial dance praying to their master wearing their ritual stylized masks. The chief males of the tribe are in control of organising the ceremonial events such as feast and dances.
Some of the main ceremonial events are, Building [creating the main buildings of the tribe. All from cedar wood] ,Naming and tattooing of children and also for their tribes Deaths
The environment
The Haida tribe strongly believe in living off the land and maintaining it. They were hunters and gatherers and were very reliant on their natural food sources such as fishing, hunting for food and other resources which may be of use in their creative path..
In the early 1800s they started with pipes, tools and weapons and have moved onto dishes, bowls, and then into body adornment. In this modern day the Haida tribe have transformed alot from being not only hunters and gatherers but now also relying on the tourist trade for an economical backbone.
Physical and geographical
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Objects such as amulets which are body adornment pieces for each individual with their spiritual animal carved onto it representing there god bringing balance between humanity the environment and nature. Their paintings and wood carvings, pipes, bowls, totem poles etc. are still used because of their spiritual significance and design which reflects on their spiritual beliefs. These are also still being made to this day to sell on as a decorative ornaments representing there culture. Their art pieces and carvings can have multiple different materials within the piece also symbolising there spiritual beliefs within natures materials and elements and too add certain attraction to the piece and can bring a lively

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