Haier Marketing Strategy

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Haier is an electric device company that established at 1984, it was a famous brand in China. Haier Company was including electronics and home appliances product, for example like air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, microwaves, vacuums, mobile phone, computer and more. Over 100 country, Haier company product been marketed. Since 1984, The Haier headquartered is founded and the CEO Zhang Ruimin took over falling refrigerator factory at Qingdao, China. Around the world like America, Europe, ASEAN, Southern Asia, Asia-Pacific, Central Africa as well as China Haier has 29 manufacturing plants, 8 comprehensive R&D centres, and 19 overseas trading companies.
In a beginning year Haier Company was almost faced bankruptcy. After few year
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During the beginning of the business (1984-1991) the strategy was named Brand Building strategy, and then from 1991-1198 is Diversification strategy, In 1998-2005 is Internationalization strategy and in 2005-2012 Haier Company applying Global Brand stages. Now Haier Company is applying a networking strategy, to increase the warranties of the Company product.
Nowadays, some consumer lifestyle and need have a big different than before. The online networking system is very advance so many people rely on online networking system therefore Haier Company was develop the networking strategy to convenience customer and more understand about the customer need.
Before the Haier use the networking strategy, the Haier Company stimulate the customer to express their want by available channel. The Haier was from a manufacture change to a service provider. Because of this networking strategies the Haier Company was starter use a Global re-brand the new logo with a navy-blue tone to substitute the deep red of the past. To show a global business network of Haier Company, the Company change their new logo the dot on the ‘i’ from square to a spherical shape. To show the Haier product are no border. (Online News,
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From the SWOT strategies we found that the Haier Company was using high price strategies. The Haier Company was faced many competition such as LG, Samsung, and more. They also have to face the price war so in the price the Haier Company was carry out the high price strategy by improve the customer service and the product quality. At the same time, they also lower the price of the product by put the pressure on the other

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