Haifaa Al-Sanoussi's Departure Of The Sea

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INTRODUCION Departure of the Sea is a short story written by a Kuwaiti professor, Haifaa Al-Sanoussi in 2005. The translation of some parts is the researcher 's.
There has always been a shared and close relationship between nature and literature. This relationship has manifested itself in the works of different poets and other writers in almost all cultures of the world. In recent years, critics became aware of the relationship between literature and the physical environment. This relationship has been analyzed and emphasized by different writers in their literary productions. Therefore, literary critics try to study how the relationship between nature and literature is textualized. The role of the writer is to make it clear how ecosystems have been badly affected by man. Thus, Ecocriticism not only lays emphasis on the harmony between man and nature, but also on the harms and destruction caused to nature for most of which man is responsible in a direct way. Ecocriticism, which is a US-based critical
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In response to Ecocritical principles, Haifaa Al-Sanoussi expresses her dissatisfaction with modern technology that is made apparent in the disgusting smell of modern houses that is brought by dying. She also expresses her desire to go back to virgin nature. This is made clear in Fedha 's, the heroine, desire to go back to virgin nature as it is represented in muddy houses, and the sea, as these are opposed to the modern houses with their suffocating paintings. In the opening lines of Departure of the Sea, Fedha says:
I am surrounded by walls, which stifle me. And the smell of paintings goes deep into my nose. I hate such a smell so much. I had been used to the smell of muddy houses and to the smell of the sea. But theses have disappeared. Ahhh…Where are muddy houses? Where is the grain mill? Where is the incense burner? Where is the wood that was used to cover the room? Where…? Where…? Where…? All these things have disappeared and its people

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