Haig's Chocolates

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Introduction The most renowned family-owned chocolate producing retailer in Australia, the Haigh 's name has been used with fine chocolates following 1915. Haigh 's uncompromising duty to the making of fine chocolate has been perceived over numerous years, which has led Haigh’s to earn the Title Awards at the Royal Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide (Media Release, 2008). Haigh 's has the pride of only retailers in this earth who devote themselves in making chocolates from the raw cocoa bean and hand wrapped. Haigh 's as of now have more than 150 representatives and 12 retail locations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Haigh’s have several values that they follow through their chocolate making process which are, they care enough of their…show more content…
Haigh’s is thinking of procedures to reduce the pollution effect from the environment through their environmentally friendly packaging for which the boxes, glass, rag bags and gift packaging paper are 100% recyclable as they are made from biodegradable reformed corn starch, which is fully decomposable, water dispersible and home compostable. Reusable gift items and wooden bowls are developed. To promote their products packaging towards environmental sustainability they supplanted non-biodegradable cellophane with a compostable plastic for item bags; fabricated the Ballotin box plate embedded from a compostable and water dispersible plastic, clear PVC boxes were changed to friendlier PET; and packaging distribution were reused by the company. These things has helped Haigh’s to build a strong brand image as people can see how they are marketing their products in a environmentally friendly way. They made their Chinese tinware supplier bound to change its normal packaging to biodegradable plastic bag. They are always looking for opportunities so that they can demonstrate compliance with APC and the product development process is well established (Malley, 2001). The company produces ‘Large Milk Chocolate Heart,’ after which the money is used for charitable organizations specially to help the children. The products of Haigh’s chocolates are UTZ certified which means economical cultivating for agriculturists, their families and our globe. This UTZ method has helped farmers to…show more content…
Marketing Strategy Products: - Haigh’s main products are only the chocolates. They have not diversified to other products so their main theme is premium chocolate made of premium cocoa beans and use innovative skills with specialized chocolate making techniques. Majority of their chocolates are gluten free, no palm oil in it and also no added alcohol, which makes it exactly suitable for children to enjoy. They have distinguished their chocolate in different packages like ‘Boxed chocolates, centenary collection, chocolate novelties, chocolate box gift cards etc. Thus making it perfect to use in different locations. Services: - The chocolates that the customer chooses with great care will be packaged with attention and Haigh’s makes sure that those delivered in a timely manner anywhere in Australia every time. Moreover they provide services to the students by guiding them a free tour to their factory to make them understand their process of premium quality chocolates, thus ensuring that people believe to what they say about their
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