Hailley's Impact On Relationships

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1. Relationships are a never ending process and change might not happen overnight. It might take some time to show Hailley that all relationships are not like hers and Dan’s. Even with that victims of violence have to make a choice about what to do, but support and concern of friends can help the victim (Wood, 2014, p216). Hailley has to make the decision if she wants to leave Dan but first Amy can try to show her that her relationship is not a positive. Maybe by trying to show her that might help her understand that Dan might not be the best person for her. One of the most important things would be keeping a friendship with Hailley and make sure she knows she has someone to talk to, this could have a good impact on her knowing no matter what she will not be alone.…show more content…
Social comparison is rating of someone else compared to others; it is also based on how someone thinks other people view them (Wood, 2014, p 187). Hailley tells Amy, “I know a lot of people’s boyfriends like that” (Wood, 2014, p 220). With her comparing her relationship with Dan with other peoples relationships she is letting herself think that the way he is treating her is okay. Hailley should be shown normal relations where there is not any violence or abuse. Then she may come to understand that the way she is being treated is not normal.
3. When you look at yourself through the eyes of someone else it is called reflected appraisal or the looking- glass self, as infants interact with others they learn how others see them (Wood, 2014, p 185). Amy should tell Hailley how she says her before she was dating Dan. How she seemed so confident and positive. It says that “She started changing, she’s become less extroverted and a lot less positive,” (Wood, 2014, p 219). This might help her understand how much she has changed since she has been with Dan. This might help her start coming back to the person she used to
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