Hair And Beauty Apprenticeship Essay

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Hair and Beauty Apprenticeships Are you looking to kick start your career in an industry that’s booming? Hair and beauty Apprenticehips can offer you just that! If you’re looking for the best way to enter the hair and beauty industry. Well done, you’ve just found it! Apprenticeships. Experience is vital in the hair and beauty industry and an Apprenticeship can help you gain experience and the qualifications to match. What will hair and beauty Apprenticeships involve? Hair and beauty Apprenticeships involve on the job training where you’ll gain essential work experience and off the job training working towards nationally recognised qualifications. Hair and beauty Apprenticeships will also help…show more content…
Through this Apprenticeship you’ll learn how to do skin tests and why these are important and the chemicals used in each product. Skills needed to succeed in the hair and beauty industry There are essential skills you’ll need to develop during your Apprenticeship. These include being a good communicator, you’ll need to be able to make people feel comfortable and relaxed while having treatments done, you’ll also need the ability to work quickly with your hands and stand for long periods of time. Once completing your Apprenticeship there are a wide range of options available to you, you could work in a salon, own your own salon, be self employed and rent a room at a salon or work mobile and go out to people homes. Hair and Beauty Apprenticeship Frameworks Listed below are the current Apprenticeship frameworks available in the hair and beauty

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