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For many years, bleaching, coloring, and perms in hair have been in style and are also very common today. I have dyed and bleached my hair several times. I bleached it once, and a lot of my hair broke off from the sodium hypochlorite. I have colored my hair many times, but after each time, the softness of my hair gradually changed. When I bleached and colored my hair, the structure of my hair changed as well as the texture and length. Because they can be damaging, I would like to experiment how affective hair bleach, color, perm solution, shampoo and conditioner is on hair and different types of hair. What are the effects of sodium hypochlorite, coloring, and perms on the texture or structure of hair? I believe that bleach and perm solutions break off hair and also make the texture puffy and harder. Color also changes the texture but not quite the length. They are all unhealthy and sometimes using an excessive amount of shampoo and conditioner could make the hair hard. Some hair colors contain plants and minerals, and some even contain pigments such as henna or black walnut shells. Most others contain natural bleaching or result in reactions that change the hair color. Natural pigments usually work by coating the hair shaft and…show more content…
It reacts with the melanin in the hair and removes the color in a chemical reaction that is not reversible. The sodium hypochlorite oxidizes the melanin, which is still present, but the oxidized molecule is left with no color. Bleached hair usually has a yellow tint. The natural color of keratin is the yellow color, which is the protein in the hair. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common lightening tools because it is used in a solution of alkaline that opens up the hair shaft to allow it to react with the melanin of the hair. Bleaching your hair penetrates the cuticle with the chemicals and it removes your natural pigment. It changes the structure of your hair making it susceptible to

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