Hair Day Themes

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Be true to yourself not what someone wants you to be. In the movie Bad Hair Day, the main character, Monica, develops the theme that you should not seek approval from others and be who you want to be. She does this by going to the college she likes and not the college everyone is going to. In the beginning Monica has a website that she has people vote on what she wears or does. Before the police detective, Liz, comes to her house it shows a necklace she got from a pawn shop that she did not put up for votes. When Liz came to her house she shows the picture of the necklace and asks if she knows where it is or if she has seen. The necklace was actually a diamond necklace that was stolen. Liz told Monica there was a reward but instead of money she asks for a ride because prom is tonight and it’s very important to her because if she wins it will be official she is perfect in everyone’s eyes. While on their journey they have their ups and down. Also, Liz ask why Monica is always on her poll website and always going with what others say. Monica gradually learns…show more content…
Any decision that Monica made she was nervous about and needed other people’s thoughts on it. She doesn’t feel comfortable being herself because she believes people will not like her and leave her. Monica tells her friend, “I was up til 2:30 doing my hair poll”. This is showing she would rather exhaust herself with what other people like on her instead of picking a hairstyle she liked for herself. “You are debating that or state?” Liz asked. She feels once she goes to the college no one knows her at and her friends will leave her and never talk to her. Also she feels like she will make a mistake and people will think she is not perfect. Before going to prom Liz and Monica go look for a dress and Monica states, “I really like it”. She is understanding that she can like things on her own and it doesn’t matter what other people think about
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