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Hairstyle in Egyptian era for both women and men were shoulder length hair or cut to a short length to the nape. Young adults would usually shave their heads and leave a small curl in the side of their head, which symbolized their age before they reach adulthood. Young girls would plait their hair or leave it hanging, while the older women and men would wear wigs. Wealthier men would wear elaborated wigs. Women would have natural look curl or plaited. They would decorate their hair according to their status; wealthy Egyptian women would use gold tiaras, garnet stones, ivory hairpins and beads. Some would also use headbands to hold their hair in place. The women thread their hair through a gold tube while the poorer Egyptian would decorate their hair with lotus blossom and linen ribbons and would wear a veil. While poorer men would have their hair short or shaved.

The women had longer hair than the Egyptian era; they pulled back their hair into a chignon style. They would braid their hair decorating it with ribbons, headbands and flowers. Some would sprinkle
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Such as the Masai tribe, they would die their hair red by getting the pigment from the volcanic region which they mixed it with animal fat. Once they have died their hair red they would braid each other’s hair. When the Masaya’s women get married, they have to shave their heads and wear a headdress, this also applies for the young boy’s to have their heads shaved before they are circumcised and the warriors would just braid their hair. The women hairstyle from the Mangbetu tribe is different comparing it to the Masaya’s women. They braid their hair into a cone-shaped basket that resembles as a crown. This hairstyle is secured by needles that resemble bones. Each tribe would wear a different headscarves tied around their ponytail which would have a meaningful explanation. The most common hairstyles in Africa were achieved by applying dung onto their

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