Non-Surgical Hair Treatments

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Non-Surgical Hair Treatment For Men And Women

What is hair loss in men and women?
Hair thinning or hair loss is an alarming problem across the world today. When each strand of your hair growing out of their follicles (follicles are tiny cavities on your scalp from which your hair strands grow) becomes shorter and thinner due to continuous shrinking of the follicles, and eventually stop growing out any more, then hair loss is caused. This problem is gaining momentum in both men and women. It is a myth that only men are prone to hair loss, because 1 in every 4 women suffers from hair loss!
Depending upon the severity of your hair loss, it can be treated through improvisation of your diet or hair treatments. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments
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Non- surgical hair treatments are effective methods for hair revival in both men and women. The following are certain benefits you can be assured of, if undergoing such hair…show more content…
PRP treatment is gaining quick popularity in the UK. Owing to its very promising results, natural looking hair and other benefits, more and more people from the UK are being attracted towards this treatment!
Details of Mesotherapy:
Mesotherapy, another popular non- surgical hair treatment, uses a certain substance called Mesotherapy serum. The serum contains all what you need for your hair to re-grow: Biochanin A and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3. They are active vitalizing components which stimulate hair growth. They also have poly-vitamins to nourish your hair follicles.
With the help of micro- injections, this serum is injected by the doctor in the hair loss regions of your scalp, only up to the mesoderm region of the scalp. The affected areas of your scalp should have the hair follicles available for acceptance of the serum. You do not any local anesthetic and dressing for this treatment.
The duration for mesotherapy is 30 minutes. You may need to have at least ten sessions of mesotherapy in succession, with an interval of 2 to 3 weeks between each session, for best results.
Advantages of Mesotherapy:
• As the micro- injections are injected only up to the mesoderm region of your scalp, it is not a painful

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