Hairball Problem In Dogs

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How common is Hairball problem in dogs and how to deal with it?
Hairballs are a mass of concentrated hair material that has a surrounding of non-digestible item which stuck in the stomach, or the intestines. They have different shapes from rounded, to spherical. Depending on how long they had been coughed out by your dog, they can be wet and soggy mass or a dry one.
Regardless of how many and how long the hair materials had been in their intestinal tract, a hairball can pose several levels of risk. A dog can usually eradicate a small amount of hair that they ingest and if these are really few, the speed of his elimination is normal. But a pooch that has a slower rate of elimination can have hairball problems even if it ingests them in small amounts.
So if
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So, here are some causes or reasons on how a dog can get a hairball:
• Hair Shedding
Dogs have deep layers or coats of fur and even those with longer fur, are prone to shed. It can be one of their greatest problems if not dealt properly. A canine will often begin to shed their fur during spring in which their coats will begin to fall till summer season arrives.
When they are not groomed properly, the large amount of fur will shed. It definitely create a large possibility for them to swallow those furs and develop a hairball. • Eating prey
Many dogs usually have prey instinct due to which they tend to eat them whole including feathers and furs. Since hair is indigestible, it will remain inside their stomach. If their digestive system is not that strong, then those furs will end up staying on their digestive tract where it will trap or block other decaying faeces.
As a result, there is always an opportunity of occurring a great health risk since toxic gases and substances from the rotting materials will be reabsorbed by the bloodstream.

• Excessive
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