Haircut Analysis

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On completion of this unit the student will be able to:
• Analyse the different types of hair texture;
• Perform basic haircut using various types of cutting;
• Use correct tools, products and techniques;
• Prepare and maintain the treatment work area; and
• Dispose off waste properly.


Our hair plays an important role in reflecting our personality. A good haircut can bring a major change in the look and gives a well-groomed appearance. It serves as a confidence-booster, change perspective in life, change others’ perception and present a bold statement.
A hair stylist has an utmost important role in bringing about above changes in
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To be a hair stylist, one has to get familiar with every term related to hair. Let’s start with properties of hair.
Physical properties of hair
A hair stylist should be aware of physical properties of hair to provide effective services.
Some of the physical properties of hair are:
• Texture
• Density
• Elasticity
• Tensile strength
• Porosity
• Pigment
Hair texture is defined as the measure of the circumference of the hair. Hair texture is broadly classified as coarse, fine and medium.
• Fine: It has a very small circumference and closed cuticles. They are fragile and cannot be styled easily. They are oily as compared to other hair type and even lay flat against the head. This type of hair has only two layers- cortex and cuticle.
• Medium: They are not fragile and hence, can easily be styled. It covers the scalp properly. It has the two layers and may even contain the
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Worktops and trolleys disinfected and tools sterilised
d. All of the above

7. Consultation has two parts, they are _______________.
a. Recommendation and massage
b. Threading and waxing
c. Analysis and recommendation
d. Cleaning and massage

8. If a client comes to the salon for a treatment you should _________________.
a. Provide the client a clean change of clothes
b. Discourage the client from changing into gowns.
c. Tell the client that she should come prepared for treatment
d. Provide unclean and unhygienic gowns to change into

9. Which among the following is the right way of arranging the tools and materials?
a. Set up them as per the requirements
b. Keep them in a far off room
c. Set up them randomly
d. Keep them in a bucket

10. Who among the following should the pedicurist and manicurist give first priority to?
a. A friend who is visiting
b. A regular customer
c. Their colleagues
d. Themselves

11. Consultation includes _____________.
a. Questioning
b. Visual inspection
c. Manual
d. All the above

12. Good hand washing protects against ______________.
a. Wound
b. Illness
c. Roughness
d. Scars

13. Fill in the blanks:
a. Donot eat or drink in the ______________________.
14. What is the need of maintaining record
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