Haiti Persuasive Essay

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In the wake of the devastating earthquake of 2009 and the other subsequences that rocked Haiti into complete chaos, had the Haitians in great need of help. The U.S. is only minimally involved with Haiti, but it is not our fault. Most of Haiti’s problems result from an extremely corrupt government (Aronson 1). To provide Haiti with healthcare, housing, and schooling, the U.S. needs to learn to help the Haitians alongside of their government while keeping the culture alive. Therefore, the U.S. as a whole should find a way to persuade the Haitian government to let America provide the Haitian people with the basic human needs. The healthcare system in Haiti is tremendously poor. It is one of the organizations that needs the most help and funding. The article …show more content…

Haiti can not afford to buy textbooks and school supplies. The Haitian schools do not have everything they need and sometimes they do not even have teachers (Basinger). Dunlap stated in an interview, “The schools in Haiti are all private. The Haitian people feel as if you do not have to pay for school then the education must be no good. They could use some help from the U.S. for their schools. Haitians would greatly appreciate school supplies and textbooks from America.”(Dunlap). This shows that Haitian culture is in need of help from us Americans. To help we could start an organization and provide school supplies and textbooks through the government funding. All of these ideas stated above are valid, but come with great consequences if America does not find a way to work with the Haitian government. In order to provide Haiti with a more superior healthcare, schooling, and housing system then the U.S. needs to work with the Haitians regulation. To work with their nefarious government, America needs to start a program that they will adore. Once the program is up and running, America will be able to support and aid the Haitians with their

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