Haitian Flag Day Informative Speech

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When holding a Haitian flag, I experience one of the greatest feelings to ever exist. A rush of pride and happiness starts to invade my body. To see that red and blue in the sky, attached to a car or just in the hands of somebody else just places so much joy in my heart. As many times, I’ve encountered a Haitian flag the experience never gets old.
Many people can’t seem to comprehend why Haitian’s have so much pride in their flag and culture itself. They question the actions and the reason that a flag day was even created. I believe we Haitians have so much pride and joy because we know what it felt like growing up Haitian and how much things have evolved. By the end of this paper, I hope you gain a better understanding of our pride. Jean-Jacques Dessalines a military leader and one of the founding fathers of Haiti was the first to create the Haitian flag. It is believed that while at war with France, Dessalines grabbed one of the France flags he found and ripped out the white in the middle. He then joined the red and blue
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Growing up I was ashamed to tell others that I was Haitian. I was always picked on and called many names. I found it weird how when I told people I was born in America, they never had an issue, but once I mention being Haitian or carried a Haitian flag everything changed. May 18 was the worse around that time. I think of my first year in middle school, I was so excited to wear my Haitian flag and colors. I had finally got over being picked on and started to embrace myself along with some of my Haitian friends. While standing on campus with my group of friends, we start to see things flying our direction. Seconds later I was covered in egg yolk and had to go to the main office to get a change of clothes. I remember feeling so disappointed that day and turning on the news to see at high school kids were fighting and grabbing the other kids
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