Haitian Revolution Compare And Contrast Essay

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In our history there have been many wars, revolutions, and consequences to all of these things, such as lives lost or land being destroyed but it was all worth it when they succeeded and got what they wanted, freedom. Many countries go through revolutions because they might have been under rule from another person and or country and wanted their independence. A revolution is when people overthrow a social order or even a government and are in favor of a new system or government. The American Revolution and Haitian Revolution had some similarities and some differences and this is what my argument will be about, comparing and contrasting both revolutions. Both countries, The United States and Haiti, were both fed up with some things and decided to take it into their own hands and revolt. Some general and key points of the American Revolution were that they revolted against the British in 1775. Even over a decade before the revolution started in 1775 there were some trouble between the colonists and the British. There were many events that occurred such as: the Stamp Act which took place in 1765, the Tea Act of 1773, and the Townshend Tariffs of 1767 which made many people outraged at the time because the British were able to…show more content…
The colonists started to get angry because of the taxes being put upon from the British and it started to escalate from there. Another difference was that the colonists/Patriots had allies to fight off the British and the Haitians did not get any allies, they fought the war on their own. Unlike the reason for the American Revolution, the Haitian Revolution was about the slaves trying to gain freedom. The revolution was more of a slave rebellion and it is said that it was the most successful one in our history. These differences are significant to say that they were not common in a lot of
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