Haleakala National Park Creative Writing

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A Pulchritudinous Paradise in the Pacific Imagine wind whipping around your face as you look down at the ground. You're so high in the sky that it’s almost as if you could extend your arm and touch the clouds. You look up, and see a burst of thousands of colors streaking across the sky. Rosey pink, dark purple, magenta, and so many other shades of colors, it’s hard to picture. If this is the way you want to spend a few days of vacation, Haleakala National Park is the place for you. Between its spectacular scenery, camping and hiking, and having the most endangered animals out of the entire National Park Service (Scenic), there is something for every nature lover to enjoy at Haleakala National Park. Haleakala National Park is located on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Hawaii is approximately 2,500 miles from California and has one of the most isolated populations in the world. Hawaii is the fiftieth state in the United States and consists of…show more content…
Some of these activities include The Wilderness Experience, which allows you to choose either a day hike or an overnight camping adventure, An Encounter with Native Hawaii, a great choice for people that want a glimpse of Hawaii’s ecosystem in its natural state, A Burst of Stars, where the peak of Haleakala is the perfect night time stargazing location, and many other programs (Service). There are also Ranger-guided tours for people that don’t want to explore on their own. Not only do they have many different types of activities, they also provide oodles of different types of hikes. Haleakala has hikes for silence and tranquility, hikes prized for its scenery, extremely long and strenuous hikes, and shorter hikes too. One of the longer hikes happens to be four days long and goes across Haleakala’s crater! (Tsai). There are also hikes guided by a Park Ranger, available to answer questions and point out any spots of interest that you may have
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