Hales: A Short Story

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After getting me four band t shirts, eight pairs of skinny jeans, and two wrist bands, Hales and I went to the food court. She ordered us a slice of cheese pizza each and two sodas, a sprite for me and grape for her. I was starving so I was the first one to finish. Hales finished five minutes after me. After eating we both decided to go back to my place, and watch a marathon of "The Walking Dead." Our all time favorite show. After watching the entire seasons all over again, Hales decided she wanted to have a deep conversation. Ugh why can 't we just watch my favorite movie "Hot Pursuit" Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara a couple of comedic geniuses!! "You haven 't told me the entire story about how you and Shawn broke up." Hales I said he cheated and dumped me what else is there to tell. "You never told me with who, who was the trashy girl he slept with? Do I know her?" It was Sabrina I said. "SABRINA your neighborhood whore?!" Yep that would be the one Hales. With a look of shock and disgust, Hayley got and and started pacing back and forth. "Not only did he cheat on my bestfriend with a whore but also in your house in the guest room! On the bed that you paid for! I could KILL both of them right NOW!" Calm down Hales don 't be so…show more content…
Suddenly I 'm shook from my thoughts by Hales screaming. At first I thought something was wrong, my heart started beating at lighting speed. I looked up at Hales and seen she was smiling and profusely thanking her boss. After about five more minutes of talking she hung up and jumped on me. She squeezed me so hard I thought I was gonna suffocate. Hales let go I can 't breathe! "I got a huge promotion! a really huge promotion Kk. I 'm going to be making seven figures a year! Instead of five!!!" Congratulations Hales I 'm so proud of you!! Its getting late and you and I both have work tomorrow. Go home and tell Matt your amazing news, I 'm fine I know it wasn 't ment for me and him. We
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