Half Castee

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Poem In this essay I will be discussing the poems “Search for my tongue” and “Hurricane in England”. Theses two poems illustrate a similar setting that both main characters are from different cultures living in England, experiencing cultural differences. I have chosen this poem because myself and many others in today’s mobile and diverse society belong to completely different cultures and we are able relate to the positive and negative aspects of living in a place where our native culture is not present or simply being characterized by this, which are topics discussed throughout these two poems. “Half Caste” “Half caste” was written by John Agard ; who was born in Guyana,South America to parents of mixed nationality. He moved to Britain in 1977 where he wrote this poem based on his experiences as a bicultural being in a different society. John Agard’s parents were of Portuguese and Caribbean nationality but he was born in Guyana. This means that he descends from various cultures, he became truly aware of this when he moved to Britain. He was often referred to as a “half caste” human being. A “half-caste” is someone who is a mix of various races; “caste” means pure so if an individual of mixed nationality is mentioned as this, it signifies that they are considered half pure (this term was coined by the British to classify the native people working in their colonies.) He was not pleased by the use of this racist word and wrote a poem about his discontent feelings. That

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