Half Criminals Or Urban Atletes Analysis

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“Half criminals or Urban atletes? A plea for fair treatment of skateboarding “. This is a classical argument where the author describes how people look down on sateboarders and gives reason why skateboarding should be recognized as a sport by the public and city officials. He starts his essay by talking about a personnel experience, his technique hooks the reader in. He describes his whole surrounding so reader could their selves in the shoes of the writer. He says that it was then that he realized that rules in enforced aganst skateboarding is ambiguous. This problem was not only in California but also settle where he visted for college. He also suggests that because of mass media people perceives skateboarders as antisocial misfits. Hence the city do ot take them seriously. He then talks about the flaws of the skatepark which have introduce by the city. The parks were not by people who skates, although it looks nice it does not fit the…show more content…
A plea for fair treatment of skateboarders is David Langley according to the by line. He is a student in a college in Seattle. His first bad experience with law enforcement when skate boarding was in 1999 in the cmpus of University of California in San Diego. I believe he is a pretty good skateboarder because in the essay he mentions that skates and also he also learns new move which only skate boarders who have experience could do and also he knows when the structure of the skate park is flawed. He is a person who thinks long term when he mentions that in the future the cost of replacing damaged side walks is cheap when compared to destruction of the ozone. The essay suggests that how much he is young adult who likes technology, he believes that it can cause many prolems. When he mentions that the public thinks skateboarders are perceived as misfits and delequent. In the essay he also shows that he is very close with his ffriends when he talks about his skating

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