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I am writing my research paper on whether the idea of transitional programs are decreasing Recidivism rates in Pennsylvania. I found a specific one called “Halfway Houses.” The term “halfway house” refers to a small, closely supervised residential program where people making the transition from prison to the outside world get drug treatment, job placement and other services (New York Times). There are certain rules that they must follow, however, this will make the participants more accountable and responsible for their own actions. This certain type of transitional program assist the participants in focusing on their self and maintaining the transition from prison life to life back in every day society. I am interested in this idea of Halfway Houses, because if it is completed the right way I think it could be very successful and that it could help decrease recidivism…show more content…
I do not know a lot about these Halfway Houses, but I did get a basic understanding of what their purpose is. Just from doing some basic preliminary research I am finding more negatives than positives because halfway houses are only effective if they are ran the correct way. Furthermore, it takes a lot of self-discipline from the owner and the people participating. Hopefully, I can find more statistics about people who have gone through these halfway houses and read about their personal experiences. Also, I want to find out more is the cost examples being does it cost more in the beginning and pay off in the long run? Lastly, some articles suggest that there are some problems with these houses in certain areas and that they need some improvement within their system. I want to know what these problems are and how they can fixed. I hope to find out these things as I continue on into this research process. Hopefully, with the UTC database I can explore my options and find out the answers to all of these unanswered

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