Hall Of Memory Museum Essay

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During the Roman Republic the senatorial class competed for status through the means of public buildings, coins, tombs, and artifacts. By commemorating both past events as well as important figures the Romans are able to hold onto the past in a rather sophisticated manner. Correspondingly, as an aspiring consul I would strategically build a Hall of Memory museum to pay tribute to my respectable ancestors and to uphold the reputation that my last name carries. The museum would be designed according to Roman architecture to reflect the establishment of the Roman Republic in 509 BC. That being said, the museum would have many features for which the Roman are known for including archs, mosaics. domes, and spiral stairs. These features would not only draw attention to the public building due to their aesthetic properties, but they would also make the museum iconic by adding size to the monument. Size is important because the bigger the building the harder it will be to overlook or to demolish. To increase my chances of attaining public office building a monument that employs Roman architectural design is essential. Within the museum the central focus would be on face portraits of my ancestors which would be lined up in a chronological manner. Ancestry is an important aspect of the Roman World, since the Roman…show more content…
This way, anybody visiting the Roman Forum will also pass by the museum even if they did not intend to. And since the museum would be designed in a way that it would be impossible to overlook, people would be very likely to stop by to check it out. By building this monument near the Roman Forum everybody seeking to visit an important landmark of the Roman World will learn about my family’s ancestors and will hopefully support me in becoming
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